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Colin E. Davis – Transforming Darkness: Saving Us From Ourselves

May 13, 2024

Colin E. Davis discusses his book Transforming Darkness – A Shadow Work Toolkit for the Red Pilled Initiate (Stream /...


Kingsley Dennis – The People of The Secret

March 10, 2024

Kingsley Dennis and Greg Moffitt discuss the The People of The Secret, a 1983 book by Ernest Scott. (Stream /...


Phil Escott & Ben Hunt – The War On Health: Franken-Foods & the Pharma-Industrial Complex

January 08, 2024

Phil Escott and Ben Hunt discuss freedom of choice in food and health, and the tide of misinformation and propaganda...


Paul Sutton – Are We Living in 1984 or Brave New World?

October 12, 2023

Paul Sutton and Greg Moffitt in conversation. (Stream / download audio at bottom of page) Many current social, cultural, political, and economic trends...


Stephen Murphy – A Quest for Hope in a Time of Darkness

August 19, 2023

Stephen Murphy discusses the film ’32 Counties – A Quest for Hope in a Time of Darkness’ (Stream / download...


Steve Taylor – The Madness of Materialism: Psychopaths in Control

June 09, 2023

Steve Taylor discusses his book DisConnected: The Roots of Human Cruelty and How Connection Can Heal the World (Stream /...


Steve Taylor – Extraordinary Awakenings: From Trauma to Transformation

May 19, 2022

Steve Taylor discusses his book Extraordinary Awakenings: From Trauma to Transformation. (Stream / download audio at bottom of page) Extraordinary...


Richard Smoley – Enigma of the Absolute: Quest for the Eternal

March 27, 2022

Richard Smoley and Greg Moffitt in conversation. Modern scientific materialism dictates that the world is meaningless and devoid of purpose,...


Steve Hughes – Only Comedy is Real

March 10, 2022

Steve Hughes, known to the world for two decades as the cutting edge stand-up comedian who pulls no punches when...


Veganuary: Meat is Not The Problem

January 27, 2022

As we approach the end of Veganuary – the 31-day challenge to give up meat and go vegan – it’s...

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