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Steve Hughes – Only Comedy is Real

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Steve Hughes, known to the world for two decades as the cutting edge stand-up comedian who pulls no punches when it comes to the state of current events, was also one of the leading lights of the early heavy metal scene in Australia as part of both Slaughter Lord and Mortal Sin.

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In 1999, Steve packed up and moved to Ireland to begin his stand-up career. While in Dublin, he took the opportunity to play with Ireland’s biggest metal export, Primordial. In the years that followed, Steve has brought he acerbic, irreverent, and iconoclastic comedy to stages around the world, and released the DVDs While It’s Still Legal, Conspiracy Realist, and Nervous Breakthrough. Not for the faint hearted or politically correct, Steve tells it how he sees it in a world gone insane.

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  1. Stuart McCardle says:

    Great show! Just some feedback on phone-ins to bring the levels of the guest up to match yours

  2. Nadim Mahi-Bahi says:

    Metal + conspiracies = 5 stars show

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