Year: 2024

James Tunney – Resisting Artificial Intelligence and the Technocratic Takeover: Part One

February 23, 2024

James Tunney and Greg Moffitt in conversation. (Stream / download audio at bottom of page) In the latest in a...


Hauntology & Dystopia Episode 9: David Cronenberg’s Early Works

January 28, 2024

Hauntology & Dystopia Episode 10. Greg Moffitt and James Rose discuss the work of Canadian film director David Cronenberg with...


Phil Escott & Ben Hunt – The War On Health: Franken-Foods & the Pharma-Industrial Complex

January 08, 2024

Phil Escott and Ben Hunt discuss freedom of choice in food and health, and the tide of misinformation and propaganda...


Michael Cremo – The Silurian Hypothesis: Civilization Before Humans?

January 01, 2024

Michael Cremo discusses The Silurian Hypothesis and the hidden history of life on Earth. (Stream / download audio at bottom of...