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Stephen Murphy – A Quest for Hope in a Time of Darkness

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Stephen Murphy discusses the film ’32 Counties – A Quest for Hope in a Time of Darkness’

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In the winter of 2021, three artists – Aidan Killian, comedian; Tiernan O’Rourke, musician; and Stephen Murphy, poet – came together as brothers and set out on a quest to call in the intentions of love, healing, and freedom to the land of Éire. Over the course of 32 days they planted 32 flags on 32 mountains in the 32 counties of the sacred island of Ireland. The movie begins with a quote from the great Irish philosopher and mystic, John Moriarty: ‘Unless there’s wildness round you, something terrible happens to the wildness inside of you.’

The flag they chose was not the tricolour of contemporary usage, but the ancient flag of the Irish Citizens’ Army, immortalised as the flag referred to in the opening words of the 1916 Proclamation: In the name of God and of the dead generations from which she receives her old tradition of nationhood, Ireland, through us, summons her children to her flag and strikes for her freedom. Aidan, Tiernan, Stephen: This is their story. Love not fear, healing not sickness, truth not lies, freedom not enslavement.

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  1. Nadim Mahi-Bahi says:

    I have a question. With the talk of having a second round of masks and restrictions,if people blindly obey to new mandates, even with all the new information out there on how they lied to us, should we have sympathy to those who would go along or do they deserve what awaits them?

    It’s a thought I find difficult to think about. On one hand I see some people in hard situation where they have no choice to go along with what ¨the powers that be¨ say. (the poor and the very vulnerable who are dependent on jobs or they are on the street) At the same time I find that the people with education and who are a bit higher on the social scale who agreed with those ¨anti human forces¨ in exchange of comfort and keeping a certain status quo, might not deserve any pity.

    1. Greg Moffitt says:

      At some point we’re going to run out of road with this. How many times can they cry wolf? In 2020, this was the first time that many people had encountered propaganda, psy-ops, coercion, and intimidation on this scale. Anyone not able to figure it out from this point onward, well, they’re on their own. We won’t evolve or even survive by constantly catering to the lowest common denominator.

  2. Patrick Burdell says:

    Good episode, I think the realization of demonic and daemonic entities outside the scope of humanity is quite frightening to just be tossed into.It could even be limited to people with early trauma survival and or previous lives.I usually would try to explain that these things are like gravity, they are and were always there ,just don’t discover them when you jumped out of an airplane without a parachute. But knowing that I can say it’s perhaps the managerial elite that found out these things are there now or tricked them into jumping out of the plane. So for humanity, things are not as desperate as they seem now.

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