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Kingsley Dennis – The People of The Secret

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Kingsley Dennis and Greg Moffitt discuss the The People of The Secret, a 1983 book by Ernest Scott.

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A comet crosses the sky and it furrows the Earth – and human consciousness – with the energy of its passing. Asteroids collide and scatter their substance across the heavens. On Earth, a continent sinks, an island re-emerges from the ocean. A desert becomes a new sea, a fertile land becomes a desert. Nations, whole races, rise, decline and disappear, leaving only legend to mark their place and their passing. All accident, all arbitrary thrust and colision of blind forces signifying nothing? Or all purposeful, intentional having reason and significance within some present moment vastly greater than we can imagine?

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  1. Gordon Bergin says:

    Morning Guy’s, Great discussion on what seems an intriguing book but seems as if availability is making it exspensive when I search on line ?
    Thanks and keep up the good work.

    1. Greg Moffitt says:

      Yes, it’s a pretty rare book. I paid £60 for my copy, £10 less than the seller was asking 🙂

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