Tag: Catastrophism

Graham Phillips – The Mystery of Doggerland: Atlantis in the North Sea

March 27, 2024

Graham Phillips and Greg Moffitt in conversation. (Stream / download audio at bottom of page) Taking Graham’s latest book The...


John Michael Greer – The Secret of The Grail

May 17, 2023

John Michael Greer discusses his book The Ceremony of the Grail – Ancient Mysteries, Gnostic Heresies, and the Lost Rituals of...


Grey Aliens and Artificial Intelligence – Are Humans Being Harvested?

February 24, 2023

Danielle Silverman and John Biggerstaff discuss Nigel Kerner‘s book Grey Aliens and Artificial Intelligence – The Battle Between Natural and...


Carole Nervig – Ancient Apocalypse and The Legacy of Lemuria

November 24, 2022

Carole Nervig discusses her book The Petroglyphs of Mu – Pohnpei, Nan Madol and The Legacy of Lemuria. (Stream /...


Thomas Sheridan and Neil McDonald – Atlantis: An Empire Lost and Found

September 23, 2022

Thomas Sheridan and Neil McDonald discuss their book and film Atlantis – An Empire Lost and Found. (Stream / download...


Marco Vigato – The Empires of Atlantis

June 01, 2022

Marco Vigato discusses his book The Empires of Atlantis: The Origins of Ancient Civilizations and Mystery Traditions throughout the Ages....


Hugh Newman & Jim Vieira – The Giants of Stonehenge and Ancient Britain

November 18, 2021

Hugh Newman and Jim Vieira discuss their book The Giants of Stonehenge and Ancient Britain. (Stream / download audio at...


Asteroid Strikes, Cosmic Rays, and Pandemic Lockdowns

May 18, 2021

What if the COVID-19 pandemic response had little to do with a virus but was instead due to an existential...


Neil McDonald – Mysteries of the Megaliths

April 14, 2021

Neil McDonald discusses some of the wonders and mysteries of megalithic culture. (Stream / download audio at bottom of page)...


Jasun Horsley – Stormers of Heaven: Counterfeits and Conspiracies

November 25, 2019

Part three with Jasun Horsley discussing his book 'Prisoner of Infinity - UFOs, Social Engineering, and the Psychology of Fragmentation'....