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Thomas Sheridan and Neil McDonald – Atlantis: An Empire Lost and Found

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Thomas Sheridan and Neil McDonald discuss their book and film Atlantis – An Empire Lost and Found.

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The lost continent of Atlantis has been the stuff of myth and legend for thousands of years, but did it ever really exist? Although quite specific about the nature and location of Atlantis, Plato’s account is generally taken as allegory by mainstream archaeologists and historians. However, stories of devastating floods and once-advanced civilizations going right back to the end of the last ice age can be found all over the world, as can evidence for them in the archaeology. In this groundbreaking new work, Sheridan and McDonald link the possible existence of Atlantis directly to megalithic culture, specifically that which erected the many stone circles and other similar structures the remains of which dot the Atlantic fringes, particularly around the British Isles.

Along the way we pose probing questions such as: Do secretive occult orders and mystery schools hide knowledge of past civilizations? Did the misuse of powerful technology cause the destruction of Atlantis, and might we be on the brink of making the same mistakes? And, is the current dysfunctional and schizophrenic state of our species somehow linked to collective trauma in the deep past and if so, could Atlantis hold the key to our survival?

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  1. James Newland says:

    The Rex families appear to be in search of what they lost in Atlantis and their attempts to reassemble it fail because they alienate themselves from the process of creating because this is hard work, so they get others to do the hard work. As a result they never gain what they seek because they are always externalising that which is internal. They want the finished product without having any part in its construction and in this way they never find what they seek. The technology of Atlantis would probably be familiar to us if we saw it. Atlantians were probably made all their technology rather than buying it pre fabricated off the shelves. If the soul has anything to do with it, whatever is made by someone is going to contain the soul of its maker. So when you buy something ready made you are bringing into your home the stray souls of builders that are alien to your own integrity and this ultimately causes the owner or custodian of the stray creation to become possessed by foreign entities and thus become souless. The only way to redeem one’s soul is by expelling from one’s home all objects made by persons who are not part of your circle, and taking only those objects made by you and your own people.

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