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COVID 19: The Death of Live Music?

Music has been most of my life. For decades I have been – among other things – a professional musician and professional music journalist, and hosted a music radio show. These are my thoughts on the future – or not – of live music in the wake of the 2020 coronavirus crisis.



  1. Kayr Robison says:

    I had a radical thought that if people wanted to continue to get together in person again, that perhaps they need to develop immunity the most expedient way possible, catch the plague and recover. Don’t wait for a vaccine which could cause even more problems. Risky, I know, but it may be worth it for the necessary physic nourishment as I have increasingly thought it would be. I suppose that such a move would be frowned upon by the establishment, as then you might become a carrier, so I can see this as becoming a very subversive and revolutionary activity.

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