Tag: psychotherapy

Mari Swingle – iMinds: Total Technology and Human Evolution

March 19, 2017

Dr. Mari Swingle discusses her book i-Minds: How Cell Phones, Computers, Gaming, and Social Media are Changing Our Brains, Our...


Nick Duffell – Trauma, Abandonment and Privilege

February 04, 2017

Nick Duffell discusses his book Trauma, Abandonment and Privilege - A Guide to Therapeutic Work with Boarding School Survivors. The...


Courtney Brown – Adolf Hitler: Remote Viewing a Mass Murderer

January 31, 2016

Farsight Institute director Courtney Brown discusses their latest remote viewing project Adolf Hitler: A Remote Viewing Psychological Profile of a...


Gregg Levoy – Vital Signs: The Nature and Nurture of Passion

January 16, 2016

Gregg Levoy discusses his book Vital Signs - The Nature and Nurture of Passion. This exuberant and compelling work explores...


Bryan Hubbard – The Untrue Story of You

October 23, 2015

Bryan Hubbard discusses his book The Untrue Story of You. You are the central player in the drama of your...


Peter Jones – Wilhelm Reich and Forbidden Science

February 15, 2015

Peter Jones discusses some of the issues raised in his book Artificers of Fraud. Wilhelm Reich (1897 - 1957) was...


Thomas Sheridan – Consciousness Parasites and Psychopathic Society

July 10, 2012

Thomas Sheridan on the origins and development of psychopaths as individuals, the psychopathic nature of the institutions and systems which...