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Bryan Hubbard – The Untrue Story of You

Bryan Hubbard discusses his book The Untrue Story of YouYou are the central player in the drama of your life, and sometimes it all becomes too much and you get angry, depressed, anxious, irritated, have mood swings, or suffer from addictions. And because you’re the central player, you try to do something about these negative behaviour patterns. Maybe you do inner work, or seek therapy or counselling, or even lust after yet more material possessions, in the desperate hope that they will paper over the cracks in your soul. Some attempt to become more ‘spiritual’, to find a guru in a quest to become enlightened. And when you do any or all of these things, everyone else goes along with the idea that you’re the central player who can control or change your behavior. But this is the greatest illusion of all time.

Bryan Hubbard discovered this for himself after suffering from chronic depression for more than a decade. Eventually he arrived at the question: who is depressed? And when he looked and looked, there was nobody there. Instead, there was a body lived through by thoughts and emotions, that all bubble up from the experiences of the past. The thought thinks the thinker, and when you come to realize this amazing truth, you can let go of the past, forget the future, and finally come alive in the only time we ever have – the present moment.


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