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Thomas Sheridan and Neil McDonald – Witchcraft, Magic and Quantum Physics

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Thomas SheridanNeil McDonald and Greg Moffitt in conversation.

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In a wide-ranging talk, we cover many subjects, including:

  • Historical witch hunt mania and witch trials
  • The modern day witch hunts of Covid 19
  • Elite use of occult forces against the lower classes
  • Magic – the conscious focus and direction of energy and intent
  • Psychometry – energy fields of objects which can record their history
  • Quantum retrocausality and the illusion of linear time
  • Consciousness as the fundamental stratum of reality

Thomas and Neil’s latest book is Alizon’s Lament – The Pendle Witch Story Retold: An Occult Insight

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  1. Patrick Burdell says:

    Brilliant show and excellent synchronicity with me on Throwback Thursday listening.I listened to it in original airing but really appreciated it this morning.Thomas is a national treasure and Neil a great fountain of information,Thanks Greg!
    Also Carrie’s Bloodbath ritual is something all the witches have set themselves up because of their Trump Derangement Syndrome “We are the Witches,we hate our husbands”

    1. Greg Moffitt says:

      Thanks! And I think you’re right about the witches.

  2. Philip Slater says:

    I don’t know what the New Renaissance will look like but if someone asked me to describe what it will sound like, I would direct them to this episode: three people of excellence mapping the conceptual territory between witchcraft, magic and quantum physics before your astounded ears. It’s truly mind-blowing. Thank you for this, Greg, and for all the great interviews you have shared here. I know you like a popular culture reference, so as a very modest contribution, here’s a couple that came to mind listening to this amazing conversation. Alice Nutter sang in the anarchist pop group Chumbawamba, who were inspired by groups such as Crass and The Fall. Their hit single ‘Tubthumping’ gave them the opportunity to throw water over the politician John Prescott at the 1998 BRIT Awards. When they started in 1982, the members adopted pseudonyms, to avoid the dole office finding out they were making records. Earlier punks had already done this, e.g. Captain Sensible of The Damned, but Alice Nutter went further and changed her name by deed poll because, as she said in a 2015 online interview, “I grew up in the shadow of Pendle Hill, so I felt an affinity with her.” (http://endeacott.com/interviews/alice-nutter-interview/) She is now a playwright and has written a play about the Pendle witches, ‘The Power’, which apparently has never been produced. That reminded me of ‘The Otherwise’ by Mark E Smith (of The Fall) and Graham Duff, the script of which was published in book form in 2021, subtitled ‘the screenplay for a horror film that never was’. It has still not been made into a film. The setting for that drama is also Pendle Hill and yes, it does feature a witch.

    1. Greg Moffitt says:

      Hi Philip. Thanks so much for your comments. Very much appreciated. I always enjoy chatting with Thomas and Neil. Such a vast repository of knowledge and insight between them. We’ll all be together at The Mysterious Earth conference if you happen to be UK based: https://megalithictours.com/product/sep-2nd-3rd-mysterious-earth-conference-2-days/

      Thanks also for all that additional info – I’ll definitely check it out.

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