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The Red Pill Revolution and The Human Unleashed (Phil Escott and Ben Hunt)

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Round table discussion with the authors of The Red Pill Revolution.

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What if you discovered that the world you have been born into has been precisely designed in order to keep you unhappy, stressed, and struggling, all for the benefit of a tiny minority of others? The promise of comfort, security, and peace is always just around the next corner. Government you can trust, corporations that play fair, clean food, healthcare, being cared for in your old age, a world that feels like it’s getting better for each generation… Have you noticed that you can never quite seem to get there? Is this the way that you feel in your heart that human beings are meant to live? If your answer is ‘no’, then The Red Pill Revolution is for you. It’s not an easy pill to swallow, but it is necessary for anyone who wishes to navigate the chaotic and predatory culture we live in today. We all know something is just not right. We can sense the imbalance, injustice, and insanity. But what can we actually do about it?

The Human Unleashed

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  1. Sid Beam says:

    Great general discussion…
    There is an underlying assumption in the last portion that all of humanity could be awakened by the dissolving of the matrix…I question this..and see the possibility that, though apocalypse gives the Opportunity to everyone..not all will choose truth..and that it serves as a kind of initiation for sovereignty..to separate from the unconscious collective..and to learn by experience what it means to live as associated, responsible sovereign beings in agreement…rather than just a collective of like minded ants or cattle..suffering or being rewarded by some common fate….
    It seems unavoidably certain that many will decline the opportunity out of their Need to experience the reality of the choice they’ve made…Jesus spoke of the broad way and the narrow way..and such times these are about those choices…not about heaven or eternal damnation
    This world is made up of things being created..and things being destroyed…and the consciousness behind it all is fully involved in both aspects of what is really the one thing…
    That consciousness is neither created or destroyed..that’s what We are…
    Neo didn’t stop existing..he just didn’t need to be Neo any more…on to other ways of being..
    Thanks, Greg for your discussions..they serve a valuable purpose

  2. Kirsten Flores says:

    Love this! Great discussion with people I greatly admire and respect and have listened to throughout the past 18 months. Thank you 🙂

    1. Greg Moffitt says:

      You’re welcome as always and thanks for the support!

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