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Paul Sutton – The Woke-Trans War on the West

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Paul Sutton and Greg Moffitt in conversation.

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In the West, a social, political and intellectual conflict is now raging. The outcome of this conflict will decide whether our countries remain relatively peaceful, or if we’ll get political violence and civil war. One of the main pillars of this conflict is the trans agenda. The most terrifying aspect of trans-gender ideology is what should have prevented it achieving anything: a rejection of objective reality, replaced by so-called personal ‘truths’ and self-validation. Self-worship has triumphed – at least for the moment – over the building blocks of our culture and society: religion; philosophy; political plurality; artistic expression; science.

There are increasing numbers of dissidents against wokedom, but vastly outweighed by those who see nothing to gain from challenging this orthodoxy. Aside from those with an unshakable belief in objective truth, many actually don’t have much to gain. Yet belief in objective truth is essential in society. If objective reality continues to be rejected in favour of innumerable conflicting ‘personal truths’, then our society will not survive.

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  1. Nadim Mahi-Bahi says:

    The guest makes very strong points that I agree with but I’d like to argue that this whole trans movement being pushed in school doesn’t come from the left.

    People I know, who would say are Marxists, have lots of problem with the pushing of transgenderism. Mainly because of the hardcore materialist ideology they have. And because, like Zizek said, there’s nothing inherently revolutionary in the trans movement. Every major corporations and banks and even the cia will promote trangenderism. CEO must be way more happier that we fight over gender neutral bathrooms and pronouns then to team up and redistribute the wealth more equally. If you look at actual communists or socialists countries, transgenderism is not promoted at all. To me this is truly a north american movement.

    I noticed that this started to get big right after ¨occupy wall street¨. The slogan at that time was ¨we are the 99%¨. It clearly stated that, not matter what ethnicity, gender, sexual preference or religion you were, 99% of us were being screwed by the 1% of the people. It was a class struggle. What better way to pit the conservative christian worker against the more marxist atheist workers then to make the whole left right debate about gender? I see more and more people going homeless, food is too expensive, rent is too damn high and people are arguing about gender whikle the billionnaires go in space. In my view the psy-ops worked wonders.

    1. PAUL SUTTON says:

      Thanks. I think it comes from the Left – as did Critical Theory and the ‘long march through the institutions. But it’s being used more generally, as a power-mechanism – not least by Corporations. The terms ‘left’ and ‘right’ are now almost redundant, with this new ideology. It’s simply a power thing.

  2. Patrick Burdell says:

    As a young person I remember the 1:00 emergency siren on every Monday, it was a remnant from the Cold War but for me it was a great way to set an automatic watch to make up for the week’s drift.

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