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Luke Dodson – The Twilight of Travel

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Luke Dodson and Greg Moffitt in conversation.

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In a follow-up to COVID-19: The Death of Tourism? published in March 2022, this talk explores how the situation regarding travel, tourism, and general mobility has evolved since that time. We examine the various agendas seeking to restrict human activity, and some of the philosophical dimensions of our need to travel and explore.

Original video description: “Arguably the single most significant infringement on freedom imposed by the 2020 pandemic lockdowns was on freedom of movement. Only travel deemed ‘essential’ by authorities was permitted and then only under strict control. National and international travel ground to a halt while in some areas citizens were forbidden even from leaving their own homes. Second only to personal liberty, the biggest casualty resulting from these draconian restrictions has been the travel industry. In early 2022, global freedom of movement seems to be slowly returning but will travel, for business or leisure, ever be quite the way it was during the years BC (Before Covid)? Or will globalist technocrats finally fulfil their openly-stated goal of ending freedom of movement for all but their elite echelons, leaving the remainder of the world’s population languishing in a virtual reality prison?”

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  1. Mary-Louise O'BRIEN says:

    Davos has been set up to be thrown under the bus when the shit hits the fan. Klaus Schwab even looks and speaks like a bond villian. After the celebrations of destroying the WEF and their lackies those that take over will probably seem like our saviour but they will just be a new face and the younger generation will let their agendas through

  2. Nadim Mahi-Bahi says:

    Very good discussion. I’m personally torn on the subject. Like a marxist friend of mine said, the oil companies will operate till the last drop of oil they can sell. So yeah the green revolution is a scam in the sense it’s not directed to the system that makes oil companies billions each year. Instead the guilt is thrown to working class people. I see it amongst anarchists I know who hate the bourgeois people with cars, except when they can hitch a ride. As well, if I was a oil executive I’d totally finance groups like the ones who vandalized an ¨oil¨ painting cause they are against oil. That makes everyone associated with the environment look like fools. As a canadian tho I can tell you that as much as Trudeau (who went to a environmental march protesting against himself when Greta was in Montreal) claims to be green, when the first nations want to protect their environment, he sends military armed RCMP to repress them. So in retrospect, I think the elites play the green card, while they exploit as much fossil fuel as possible until it runs out.

    One last thing. At the risk of being accused of wearing a ¨support the current thing ¨ badge, Please look deeper into Palestine. All the things that disgust you with covid. Like restriction of movement, lack of freedom, rights taken away, discrimination on the basis of beliefs, the use of A.I. for total surveillance. This is something the Palestinians have been subjected too on a daily basis for years and years. I really, really respect your work but imagine being told to ¨chill out ¨ about covid restrictions (but you can actually get shot at) that have been going on 75 years.

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