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James Tunney – They Want You Dead: Part One

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James Tunney discusses some of the ideas in his book Human Entrance to Transhumanism exposing the assault on humanity by the coming Scientocracy.

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The assault is triple-pronged:

  • Technology – Complete control and surveillance under the guise of entertainment and security.
  • Technocracy – Rule by unelected, unaccountable, technical and scientific ‘experts’.
  • Transhumanism – The ‘augmentation’ of the human mind and body by science and technology with the eventual goal of eliminating the species entirely through a process of total transformation.

Developments to watch out for as the agenda advances:

  • Social credit systems – Rewards for ‘good’ behaviour.
  • Mandatory vaccinations – ‘Passports’ for international travel.
  • Digital currency – Cashless society, all transactions recorded.
  • Universal Basic Income – Subsistence income instead of a job. This can be withdrawn for ‘bad’ behaviour.

What was once science fiction is rapidly becoming science fact. You will own nothing and be happy, immersed in a virtual reality of games, pornography, and mindless distractions. You will be discouraged from reproducing therefore you will not be replaced. The goal of a post-human planet envisages a much smaller population and in time, no real population at all. We are at a crossroads in the evolution of the human race. The future is taking shape in the present.

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  1. Jon C says:

    Please have James on as often as possible. For those who don’t know he’s also often on Jeffrey Mishlove’s ‘New Thinking Allowed’ show (on yt) quite a bit. An important and one of the most intelligent and sensible voices out there atm imho.

    1. Greg Moffitt says:

      I’m a follower of NTA as well and Jeffrey will be my guest soon.

  2. Gordon Bergin says:

    Great discussion Greg with James as always.

    1. Greg Moffitt says:

      Thanks! Part two will be released soon.

  3. Mary-Louise O'BRIEN says:

    James Tunney’s work on mysticism and the threat of technocracy helped bolster my courage to stand by my convictions during the past two years. If it wasn’t for voices of reason like his, I may have feared I was going mad because I knew that the covid story was wrong but I was surrounded by people completely engulfed by fear and blind to the reality. Thanks Greg and James, keep up the good work, because conversations like these are conversations many of us can’t unfortunately have with people in our own lives.

  4. Dennis Tearle says:

    A very interesting and considered discussion.

    Just to support the idea of this complete atomisation of society, I’ve noticed that it’s fully inscribed in the physical architecture that is under construction now. It seems to go one step further than the Brutalist building of the late 1960s and early 1970s in that it doesn’t even seem to incorporate public spaces, spaces for recreation, play areas etc., except in very minimal and completely cordoned corners. Whereas the Brutalists seemed to fully realise a complete break with the past and the traditional types of building in any particular area, these new buildings (and infrastructure) seem to be a method of psychological aclimatisation to the new way of (atomised) living that you both outline in this talk.

    I really look forward to the second part. Thanks!

    1. Mary-Louise O'BRIEN says:

      also the art! The depiction of people in the art of public and tech information advertising is very similar; faceless, brightly coloured people ( sometimes green, blue or purple skinned) with only glasses, a beard or a mask as defining features.

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