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James Tunney – They Want You Dead: Part Two

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James Tunney discusses some of the ideas in his book Human Entrance to Transhumanism exposing the assault on humanity by the coming Scientocracy. Part one of this show is here

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The assault is triple-pronged:

  • Technology – Complete control and surveillance under the guise of entertainment and security.
  • Technocracy – Rule by unelected, unaccountable, technical and scientific ‘experts’.
  • Transhumanism – The ‘augmentation’ of the human mind and body by science and technology with the eventual goal of eliminating the species entirely through a process of total transformation.

Developments to watch out for as the agenda advances:

  • Social credit systems – Rewards for ‘good’ behaviour.
  • Mandatory vaccinations – ‘Passports’ for international travel.
  • Digital currency – Cashless society, all transactions recorded.
  • Universal Basic Income – Subsistence income instead of a job. This can be withdrawn for ‘bad’ behaviour.

What was once science fiction is rapidly becoming science fact. You will own nothing and be happy, immersed in a virtual reality of games, pornography, and mindless distractions. You will be discouraged from reproducing therefore you will not be replaced. The goal of a post-human planet envisages a much smaller population and in time, no real population at all. We are at a crossroads in the evolution of the human race. The future is taking shape in the present.

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