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Freedom From Fear #5 – Phil Escott

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Beginning in August 2020, ‘Freedom From Fear’ is a free-form discussion series taking the title as its starting point.

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In this episode, Phil Escott and Greg Moffitt discuss the pandemic of fear ripping across the planet in the wake of the COVID-19 scare. Our modern obsession with ‘safety’ and ‘security’ – whether physical, emotional, or both – is stifling and shutting down the natural free spirit all humans are born with. But life cannot ever be completely ‘safe’ or ‘secure’, and was never meant to be. Those who seek to deny us the freedom to choose how we engage with the amazing and sometimes unpredictable world we find ourselves in also deny themselves the magic and mystery of life itself. What do we wish our Earthly existence to be? A technocratic prison-planet dystopia, or a spontaneous order of intimately-interconnected sentient beings?

On a deeper level, we explore the darker forces at work in this transitional time for our planet and ask, are current events all that they at first appear to be? If the real battle taking place is in fact a spiritual conflict, we may be on the cusp of almost unimaginable change on Earth.

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  1. Gordon Bergin says:

    HI Greg, Phil
    Good open and candid discussion that just resonates on so many fronts but as of yet many of the issues discussed are being suppressed with enormous force and one has to say success., however the Emperor will soon be outed one way or another.
    All the best

    1. Greg Moffitt says:

      Thanks, and I have to agree. Really enjoyed doing this one.

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