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Emma Farrell – COVID-19: War on Humanity

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Emma Farrell discusses the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

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Since early 2020, the human race has been under attack. Whatever the true origin or nature of COVID-19, the highly controlled and co-ordinated response has unleashed untold suffering across the planet. Government and media fearmongering has caused immense psychological harm, compounded by disempowering messages of individual helplessness in the face of a supposedly deadly existential threat.

Taken purely on its own terms, the situation just doesn’t make sense. From the outset, the pandemic scenario has been riddled with inconsistencies and contradictions, leading many to speculate darkly about what might really be going on. Few, however, have been willing to venture beyond the narrow confines of our everyday five sense reality in search of an answer. Might it be possible that the ongoing assault on our species has its origins in dimensions of reality still unacknowledged by most?

Emma’s current book is Journeys With Plant Spirits

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  1. Tera Wager says:

    This was a great discussion. The lockdowns and everything that has followed has been nothing short of pure evil, I cannot even give our world leaders the benefit of the doubt and excuse it as incompetence, and they many continue to appear to enjoy exacting as much pain as possible with the vaccine passports, keeping loved ones separated across borders.

    If it wasn’t for my own encounters with a malevolent entity, I’m so not sure I wouldn’t be somewhat dismissive myself. One during sleep paralysis many years ago, and the other more recently in 2019 as I had been overcoming a long bout of depression quite successfully with soul searching. The second experience terrified me, I could not explain it by any rational means and it has forever changed my perspective on the true depths and unknowns of this great big mystery we find ourselves in. After doing a great deal of research I have come to the conclusion that it was an attempted attack (it banged and growled at me to “let it in”) by what possibly could have been a wendigo, an entity a known in North American Native folklore.

    What troubles me now is my young son who passed away in 2020 from fentanyl poisoning, which ravaged so many people after the lockdowns began and found its way into nearly every illicit drug available (even that I believe was a deliberate attack on the west in conjunction with the plandemic) in the months leading up to my sons death he wasn’t doing well especially in the days before. The last time I saw him I thought to myself that he seemed nothing at like himself as though he were totally possessed. I know it’s easy to explain away as the drugs and his addiction being the cause but it seemed more than that to me. My son was a troubled, but loving, compassionate person. His eyes were empty the last time I saw him and he was screaming his own name. If one of these entities or arkons attach themselves to people when in a vulnerable state, what does that mean for them when they leave this physical world?

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