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Christian Morris – The Totalitarian Trance

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Christian Morris discusses the current climate of censorship and conformity, and the rise of totalitarianism in the West.

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Use of the word ‘totalitarian’ to describe any of the political, social, and economic developments in so-called ‘free’ nations during the coronavirus crisis is likely to be met with stiff resistance or outright denial from the mainstream media and the masses alike. However, considering the fact that totalitarian regimes typically demonstrate political repression, personality cultism, large-scale censorship and mass surveillance, limited freedom of movement, attempts to control the economy and education – and even the arts and science – suddenly the ‘T’ word doesn’t seem quite so extreme when plotting possible futures for our own societies.

Now that the COVID narrative has transitioned seamlessly into that of the television war du jour in The Ukraine, the question remains of just what it will take to snap the citizenry out of their trance, or whether they have already surrendered their senses to the media matrix possessing their minds and increasingly penetrating their bodies.

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  1. Nadim Mahi-Bahi says:

    What I noticed in about the covidians and the ukraine crisis is that the supporters of both don’t have to do anything really.

    Here’s a n example; During Christmas time I worked in a gas station. Long story short in Quebec they put a curfew at 10, cancelled Christmas and closed all the stores except gas station. So I had triple work to do without any benefits. I was wishing happy curfew and merry lockdown to people. A lot of boomers answered ¨ I don’t mind, I’m retired¨ or something to that effect. I often answered ¨oh good for you but some of us are not comfortable¨. They usually answered back; ¨Well we do it for the community¨ Since I worked with a 17 year old woman who was so down by the whole lockdowns, she tried to commit suicide, it made me mad. That’s when I realized that this thing made people believe that by doing nothing, except buying beer and just watching netflix, they were saving the world. In other words, by not giving a shit about people, they were saving people. They didn’t care about old people being alone on Christmas. Or 18years old whose best years were sabotaged by the government. Or people whose rent just went up and their job cut their hours. But in their bourgeois head, they were heroes!

    If I may add about Palestine. I would argue it’s different. Because people mobilizing for Palestine are going against the western government’s policies of selling weapons to Israel. With Ukraine people a pressuring their government to do what the government really wants to do. Kinda like covid.

  2. Mary-Louise O'BRIEN says:

    enjoyed that, laugh out loud funny

  3. Mark Jacabs says:

    Great talk, really like Christian’s take on current events. Also, he’s got the best accent for swearing! 😂

    1. Greg Moffitt says:

      Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it.

  4. Colin Lonie says:

    That was good Craik

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