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Thomas Sheridan – The Secret Science of Sorcery – Part One

Thomas Sheridan discusses his book Sorcery – The Invocation of Strangeness.

(Stream / download audio at bottom of page. This is a two part interview. Part two is here.)

In the modern world, we no longer have time for magic, dismissing it as mere mumbo-jumbo from a less enlightened age. One might say, in fact, that the magic has gone out of our lives. Most of us, however, misunderstand just what magic is – a mechanism for manipulating the world around us, which through suppression and since the ascent of the scientific era, has mostly faded from memory. Yet this force lives on and indeed is fundamental to the very fabric of the Universe.

Probing deeper, we find that most of that which makes up all that apparently exists – in the form of dark matter and dark energy – remains a mystery to modern mainstream science. We discover that conventional notions of time, space, and matter are illusions and that reality is subjective, malleable, and made up of myriad unseen, unknown levels. We learn that our beliefs and expectations, our desire and will, play a part in shaping reality and in doing so, we understand that we can manipulate the mechanics of the non-material toward our own ends. Materialist science may reject mind over matter, but it’s real enough. From particle physics to psychic powers, and from Donald Trump to 9/11, we roam the realms where science and sorcery are one and the same, and nothing or nowhere is quite what it seems.

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