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Thomas Sheridan – Rise of the Nazi Death Cult: Part One

This is a two part interview. Part two is here.

Thomas Sheridan discusses his book Walpurgis Night: Volume One 1919 – 1933. Did you know that Hitler feared a dormant demonic force residing inside the moon which he believed somehow created and controlled human destiny? In Walpurgis Night: Volume One, Sheridan – known for his work on psychopathology, mass hysteria and social engineering – for the first time tackles a historical subject using these concepts as a framework in which to re-examine the rise of the Nazi cult and its legacy.

Sheridan’s research goes beyond the occult development of the Nazis by delving into the repressed Teutonic Häxan psyche. Examining everything from the movies of the era, to the political factions of 1919 who were invoking their own demons of death and destruction. The book takes into account every aspect of the Nazi occult from Fascination – otherwise known as eye magic – to word spells, to the sex magic rituals of the Third Reich. You will never see history in quite the same way again, and you’ll be left wondering if indeed the Nazis Black-Häxan magic is still at work today.

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