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Stephen Hurrell – Dinosaurs and the Expanding Earth

Stephen Hurrell discusses his book Dinosaurs and the Expanding Earth.

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When Dinosaurs and the Expanding Earth was first published it proposed a startling idea to explain the long-standing puzzle of the dinosaurs’ vast size. Some paleontologists have suggested that many dinosaurs’ bones were simply not strong enough to support their enormous weight. Hurrell, however, presented scientific evidence that dinosaurs lived in reduced gravity and this allowed them to grow to gigantic proportions. The Reduced Gravity Earth theory explains why life – including dinosaurs, plants and insects – evolved towards a larger scale on the ancient Earth. It is also a key piece of evidence that provides additional support for an Expanding Earth, something a number of leading geologists have been suggesting for decades. Expanding Earth theory postulates that hundreds of millions of years ago, our planet was much, much smaller, gradually growing over time as it accrued material from elsewhere in the solar system.

For reasons still debated, the dinosaurs, and indeed many other ancient forms of life, did not survive the Earth changes that beset them. If such changes are in fact not in the distant past but actually still underway, what could this mean for the future of life on Earth? As changing gravity and Expanding Earth claim to answer some of the most vexing questions about life on this planet, what might they suggest about life elsewhere in the solar system, the galaxy and the entire Universe?


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