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Reece Girven – The Universe and The Psyche

Reece Girven discusses some of the ideas in his book The Universe and The Psyche. What is the origin of the Universe? Was it created in a Big Bang, or might it always have existed? We are told that matter creates consciousness, but could it be that consciousness creates matter? What can we learn from the patterns in physical reality? From DNA to galaxies, spirals appear everywhere in nature – do they hold a key to understanding? In choosing to disregard the non-material, modern science has lost 95 per cent of the Universe to dark matter, dark energy and other convoluted theories. By shifting our perspective on reality, what can we learn about the nature of the 95 per cent? Is it possible that the fundamental nature of reality is information?

Scientific materialism tells us that the life arose randomly, without purpose, and without meaning, and yet many ancient traditions speak of the Universe and all life in it as imbued with both, and ordered by a higher intelligence that some call God. With all the murder and mayhem carried out in the name of religion, it is easy to understand why so many resist the idea of such a higher intelligence. But if we set aside the prejudices attached to both the scientific and the mystical views and merge the best of both models, a more complete picture of reality begins to emerge. Our planet stands on the brink of disaster and many of its conflicts stem from fundamentally differing worldviews. But could reconciliation between the scientific and the mystical, material and non-material, offer hope for our long-term future?


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