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Randy Powers – It Can’t Happen Here! Dealing With Disaster in an Age of Decay

Randy Powers discusses disaster preparedness and some of the mounting threats to stability in society.

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Although most of us like to believe that disaster will never hit us where it hurts, time and time again individuals, families, and entire communities are caught out when it does. From floods to wildfires, from hurricanes to earthquakes, basic preparedness for disruption to our daily lives is relatively simple, and need not be expensive. And yet, when catastrophe comes calling, millions worldwide continue to rely on government riding to the rescue, and on state assistance which all too often fails with fatal results.

Hollywood movies favour doomsday scenarios such as meteor strikes, nuclear wars, and the ever-popular plagues of zombie apocalypse, but everyday disasters are likely to be localized and much more mundane. They are also much more likely to actually occur. In a world of political, economic, and social upheaval, environmental destruction, climate chaos, and rampant resource conflicts, only the foolhardy or insane would insist ‘It can’t happen here!’ The good news is that with a little time, study, and forward planning, almost anyone anywhere can begin to take a few basic steps to help ensure that they, their loved ones, and their community ride out the coming storms, whenever and wherever they strike.

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