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Randolph J. Rogers – The Key of Life

Randy Rogers discusses his book The Key of Life – A Metaphysical InvestigationIn just about everyone’s life, there comes a time when they may question their reason for existing. For Randy Rogers that journey began one day in June of 1995, as he began a metaphysical quest along a cryptic path that at times caused him to question his own sanity. The emotional ride that developed threatened to tear apart everything he had worked so hard to accomplish, and the only thing sustaining him was an undying belief that events would unfold to prove that he was on the right course. 

It’s a true story, about who we are, why we are here and how we are all connected; a tale of past lives, present circumstances, synchronicity, and reincarnation. It may inspire you to interpret the synchronicities in your own life, experience the extraordinary, and unlock the meaning of life – past, present, and future.


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