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Philip Coggan – Money, Debt and the New World Order

Philip Coggan discusses his book Money, Debt and the New World Order.

In today’s financial climate, we are all, naturally, obsessed by debt. In almost every aspect of our life we experience it – on our credit cards, mortgages, bank loans and student loans. But where has this debt come from? How does it work? What is any money really worth? And what promises do we need to believe to keep the whole system afloat?

In a fascinating look at money through the ages – including our own unstable future – Philip examines the flawed structure of the global finance systems as they exist today, and asks, with deeper imbalances that the world is currently facing, what’s actually at stake.

Philip Coggan is a British columnist and author of books on economics who currently writes for The Economist. Previously, he worked for the Financial Times. In 2008, he was named Senior Financial Journalist of the Year by the Wincott Foundation and in 2009 he was voted Best Communicator at the Business Journalist of the Year Awards. Among his other books are The Money Machine: How the City Works, The Economist Guide to Hedge Funds and his latest The Last Vote: The Threats to Western Democracy.

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