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Phil Escott – Why Eat Meat? The Case for Carnivores

Phil Escott discusses the possible benefits and potential challenges of a carnivore diet.

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Although vegetarian and vegan diets have long been promoted as healthier alternatives to the carbohydrate and sugar saturated Western diet, in recent years much has been made of paleo, ketogenic, and similar low carb diets which attempt to emulate the eating patterns if not the entire lifestyle of our ancient ancestors. There is another alternative, however, now re-emerging, which takes some of those ideas a stage further – the complete, or near-complete, carnivore diet. Controversial and subject to some scathing criticism, it nonetheless offers options to those finding their current food regime unsatisfying, unhealthy or otherwise no longer acceptable.

But making or even contemplating such a choice can be challenging, caught between the mainstream medical dogma of ‘five a day’ and ‘healthy wholegrains’ and the sometimes savage attacks of vegan and veggie evangelists who believe that ‘meat is murder’, an atavistic throwback to be abandoned for the sake of the environmental, moral and spiritual well-being of the planet. The reality of the situation isn’t quite so black and white, but in an age characterised by polarised politics and destructively-divisive public debate, there’s almost always more heat than light when arguments erupt on emotive subjects. Attempting to cut through the confusion and needless complexity, Escott suggests some simple, straightforward strategies for those seeking lifestyle changes, starting with the larder.

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