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Peter Strother – Who Are We?

Peter Strother discusses his book Spiritual Beings or Economic Tools – Just Who Are We?

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In much of the modern world we are trapped in a loop of work, consume, sleep, repeat. Those conscious of this soul-destroying cycle are often even more dejected and disillusioned than those who blindly bow to the demands of consumerist culture, pursuing desires which are not their own, slaves to the opinions of others, and more afraid of the unknown than of hollow, haunted subsistence. Empty and unfulfilled, billions trudge wearily towards a death subconsciously feared but still denied throughout a life deemed to be devoid of either meaning or purpose.

But in the early 21st Century, converging economic, political, social and environmental crises are making the grinding routine of business-as-usual increasingly impossible. Frustration and broken promises are boiling over in increasing unrest, violence, and destruction of both the system and the self. The first steps towards breaking free of the tyranny of comfort and complacency are self-awareness, self-knowledge, and self-mastery, all of which are actively discouraged in the matrix of mindless media, digital distractions, junk food, and instant gratification. Through choice or by force, and sooner rather than later, we will all have some difficult decisions to make as the world we persist in taking for granted simply disappears.

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