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Paul D. Burley – Stonehenge: As Above, So Below

Paul Burley discusses his book Stonehenge: As Above, So Below – Unveiling the Spirit Path on Salisbury Plain which identifies the original design and purpose of the Stonehenge ritual landscape.

Stonehenge remains one of the most profound mysteries on Earth. We know almost nothing about the people who built it, how they did so, or why. As with the pyramids of Egypt, it seems impossible that Stonehenge could have been constructed using the primitive tools and methods prevalent at the time. Theories about its purpose have ranged from an astronomical observatory to a scared ceremonial, burial or even sacrificial site. What seems clear, however, is that ancient civilizations the world over possessed an innate understanding of the relationship between the cycles of life, death and rebirth, and those of the wider cosmos. The belief that life is everywhere and in all things and that all things are interconnected was fundamental to their worldview. It is vital to keep this in mind when contemplating the enigma that is Stonehenge.

Stonehenge: As Above, So Below will change your understanding of the people who built the first and largest monument and many other mid-Neolithic structures that remain vital to the functioning of this sacred landscape. You will discover that the Stonehenge landscape is the oldest and best preserved example of astronomically-related sacred symbolism ever constructed. It is a major breakthrough unveiling a new paradigm for how Stonehenge was used over five thousand years ago, and how we should view it today.


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