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Michael Cremo – The Silurian Hypothesis: Civilization Before Humans?

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Michael Cremo discusses The Silurian Hypothesis and the hidden history of life on Earth.

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The Silurian Hypothesis assesses modern science’s ability to detect evidence of a prior advanced civilization, perhaps several million years ago. The name ‘Silurian’ derives from the BBC science fiction series Doctor Who which, in 1970’s ‘Doctor Who and the Silurians’, posited an advanced civilization prior to humanity. Astrophysicists Adam Frank and Gavin Schmidt proposed the Silurian Hypothesis in a 2018 paper, exploring the possibility of detecting an advanced civilization before humans in the geological record. They argued that there has been sufficient fossil carbon to fuel an industrial civilization since the Carboniferous Period, 350 million years ago. However, finding direct evidence, such as technological artifacts, is unlikely due to the rarity of fossilization and Earth’s exposed surface. Instead, researchers might find indirect evidence, such as climate changes, anomalies in sediment, or traces of nuclear waste. The hypothesis also speculates that artifacts from past civilizations could be found on the Moon and Mars, where erosion and tectonic activity are less likely to erase evidence. Also, as detailed in Michael Cremo’s research, there is archaeological evidence showing that humans existed in these distant times. The origin and evolution of our species may be very different from that which we are led to believe.

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