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Kingsley Dennis – Mass Psychosis and the Modern World

Kingsley Dennis discusses his book Healing the Wounded Mind: The Psychosis of the Modern World and the Search for the Self.

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Any thinking person watching television or reading a newspaper today is bound to wonder if humanity has lost its mind, and in a way, we have. What can only be described as mass psychosis is sweeping the world with gathering force, unhinging individuals, institutions, and nations alike. A vicious circle driven by propaganda, fear mongering, and media manipulation makes us increasingly vulnerable to more of the same, while the stupefying circus of mindless entertainment and staged spectacles leaves us in no condition to truly think for ourselves.

Is it possible that any of this madness can be traced to repressed trauma or scars in the collective unconscious? If the human psyche is somehow incubating a mental or spiritual virus, it might account for our self-sabotaging and at times suicidal insanity. Maybe the myths about ancient archetypes and entities such as the Archons and Ahriman actually hold seeds of truth. Whatever the case, accelerating technology and expanding interconnectedness are lending the term ‘viral’ a darker hue, threatening to turn even more of us into clones, drones, and automatons.

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