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Ken Elliott – Manifesting and the Mind-Matter Matrix

Ken Elliott discusses his book Manifesting 1 2 3. For many years, the concept of manifesting has inspired countless individuals striving to improve their lives. Always one of the most popular areas in the Mind, Body & Spirit section of bookshops, titles such as The Secret and literally thousands of similar publications offer tantalising glimpses of how The Law of Attraction and other ‘positive thinking’ practices can bring about profound changes in our being. For millions, sadly, the result has been little more than disappointment and frustration as, despite months or even years of wish lists, vision boards and workshops, their hopes and dreams somehow fail to materialize. So is there, after all, real substance to any of this? Or is it merely New Age snake oil peddled to the lost and alone?

As it emerges, what most manifesting manuals don’t tell you is that thought is indeed a real force. Non-material and non-local, but a force nonetheless, with a solid grounding that cutting edge science may one day reveal to us. Our thoughts do indeed affect our physical reality and like gravity, whether we believe in it or not, it’s happening anyway. Call it science, call it magic, call it anything you like – it’s merely one of the basic operating principles of the Universe that each of us experiences each and every day, even if we chose to deny it. Harnessing this power, however, through focussed will, intention and desire, and charged by emotion, has the potential to become extremely powerful.


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