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James Tunney – Scientism, Technocracy and Transhumanism

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James Tunney discusses his book Empire of Scientism: The Dispiriting Conspiracy and Inevitable Tyranny of Scientocracy.

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We are in danger of ceding power to a centralised cadre of bureaucrats and billionaires who assume authority to exercise power as they wish, believing they know better. The materialist paradigm has given rise to an ideology of scientism, an idolatry of technology, and an obsession with control and surveillance that is shared by communists and capitalists alike.

Scientism is the expansion of science beyond appropriate boundaries to become an exclusive dogma. Hitherto separate and competing forces are now coalescing in a community based on the application of science to governance. Some scientists have described this movement towards a scientific world government, and yet those who protest are called delusional.

The emergent Empire of Scientism will be hostile to religion, spirituality, and human rights and will promote transhumanism, post-humanism, and represent the demise of homo sapiens. This is the endgame as conceived by certain mainstream scientists and their sycophants. Unless we wake up and embrace our spiritual consciousness, we are doomed to suffer totalitarian rule before our final demise.

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