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Gerald Celente – Trends 2015: The Grand Manipulation

Publisher of the Trends Journal and founder of The Trends Research Institute Gerald Celente discusses the outlook for 2015.

What in the world is going on? Each day seems to bring with it a new geopolitical crisis, yet another political debacle, more dire economic warnings, increasing social unrest, one more environmental threat. What does it all mean? What can be done? How will it end? Gerald Celente’s Trends Journal is the only magazine in the world that pinpoints how today’s current events form future trends and how they will affect your business, career, family and future. The Trends Journal provides unbiased insights, analysis and forecasts of critical financial, political, economic, business, retail, entertainment, technology, science and other trends that are fact-based, data-driven and on the cutting edge. Gerald’s track record speaks for itself. He’s been forecasting worldwide since 1980. No one has been so right, on so many issues, so often.

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