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Gary Lachman – Caretakers of the Cosmos

Gary Lachman discusses his book The Caretakers of the Cosmos: Living Responsibly in an Unfinished World, which brings together many strands of esoteric, spiritual and philosophical thought to form a counter-argument to the nihilism that permeates the twenty-first century.

Why are we here? Where do we come from? Where are we going? Human beings have asked themselves these questions for millennia. Modern science usually argues that humanity is the chance product of a purposeless universe. All too often, however, its facts are found to be merely theories hanging on the next great new discovery which will give us all the answers, but which somehow always seems to be just around the next corner.

The result is a nihilistic postmodern world of politics, pop stars and pornography where millions live out empty lives, consumed by consumerism and haunted by a fear of death. For misanthropic environmentalists who view mankind as a cancer or a virus, this can’t come soon enough.

But is this really all there is to our existence? Many ancient traditions believe that humanity has an essential role and responsibility in creation.  Is it possible that we are a species with amnesia which has forgotten its place in the cosmos? And does the inexpressible longing and profound homesickness that so many of us feel point the way to our destiny?


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