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Engelbert Winkler – Getting High on Light

Engelbert Winkler discusses the power and potential of light, and the development of the Lucia No.3 Hypnagogic Lamp. Light is essential to life, and it affects the brain and body in subtle and dramatic ways. But beyond warming our skin and growing our food, how many of us ever really afford it a second thought? Even the sublime beauty of the sunset all too often slips away unseen. Cutting edge research, however, is revealing properties of light which, although appearing to us as an unfolding paradigm, are in truth resonant reflections of insights and experiences that many of our ancient ancestors would have instinctively understood. In ages past, the powerful psychoactive effects of light changed lives, shaped entire cultures, and may even have led to the founding of religions, some of which are still with us today. Whilst exploring these almost antediluvian mysteries, we shed light on the future, from near death experiences and so-called mental illness, to light’s therapeutic potential to heal trauma, transform our states of being, and evolve consciousness itself.


Bumper music: Cliff Martinez ‘Traffic OST’
Tangerine Dream ‘Light of Creation’

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