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Dr. Eric Karlstrom – The Political, Economic and Social Agendas of Climate Change

Dr. Eric Karlstrom on the political, economic and social agendas surrounding the issue of climate change. Dr. Karlstrom is a former Professor of Geography at California State University.

The World is clearly facing an environmental crisis. Some of the problems of pollution and resource depletion are so serious that they risk the extinction of entire species and perhaps even all life on Earth. More than any other risk, however, the danger posed by global warming – now known as ‘climate change’ – looms largest over the planet. The causes of climate change are hotly debated, but the dominant view today is that human activity – specifically the burning of fossil fuels and associated discharge of carbon dioxide (CO2) into the Earth’s atmosphere – is by far the most significant. As a result, massive programmes designed to permanently change our society, economy, lifestyle and the way we interact with nature are being implemented. These aim to drastically cut our energy use, material standard of living and, ultimately, the human population.

But what if the mainstream understanding of the causes of climate change is flawed? Is it possible that the shifts in weather activity we are witnessing are simply part of a much larger picture, one in which the Earth’s climate is forever changing and evolving over millions – even billions – of years? We undoubtedly need to use less energy, clean up the environment and conserve the valuable natural resources without which we cannot survive, but we must do so in the right way, and for the right reasons. Following years of research and with highly specialized knowledge, Dr. Karlstrom has concluded that the issue of climate change has been dangerously corrupted, and that it is being exploited to serve nefarious political, economic and social agendas.


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