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Don Cerow – When the Dragon Wore the Crown

Don Cerow discusses his book When the Dragon Wore the CrownWhen our ancestors gazed upon the skies thousands of years ago they looked up into the centre of Creation and saw a mighty Dragon, a great celestial serpent with wings circling ceaselessly above them, night after night, century after century. When the Dragon Wore the Crown is a ground breaking book that covers a period of over 6000 years, focusing on what astrologers would call the Ages of Gemini, Taurus and Aries, and taking us through the period of classical astronomy with the Greeks and Romans (circa 7000 BC – 200 AD). The book opens and closes with the Chinese mythological tradition and touches on Sumerian, Babylonian, Phoenician, Hindu, Norse, Native American and even Mayan myths, weaving together many of their celestial serpentine similarities.

Questions posed in this interview include:

  • Are historical truths about people, places and events concealed within ancient myths, including those in The Bible?
  • Do common themes within myths such as the Great Flood and End Times point to an age when there was one global culture and one common language?
  • Why are symbols such as serpents, spirals and spheres so common in mythic traditions?
  • Did climate change and the loss of ancient astronomical knowledge tip humanity into an era of famine, upheaval and war?
  • Do celestial bodies possess consciousness and perhaps even intelligence?
  • And finally, as we ourselves enter a new astronomical age, what does it signify about our future?


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