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Dick Allgire – The God Particle

Veteran journalist and remote viewer Dick Allgire discusses his documentary Hitomi and the God Particle which records one of the most fascinating remote viewing sessions ever produced. Remote viewing is the ability to perceive sensory information across space and time. Trained remote viewers are able to see, hear and feel distant locations and events using only their mind. Although this inherent human ability is as old as mankind, top-secret US military units subsequently developed structured methods of remote viewing as psychic spy technology. It was later declassified and taught to civilians who now comprise the bulk of remote viewers worldwide.

Hitomi and The God Particle follows psychotherapist Hitomi Akamatsu’s quest to master various forms of remote viewing. She traveled to Hawaii in 2012 for intensive training with the Hawaii Remote Viewers’ Guild. She demonstrated a remarkable ability to see, sketch and describe things that were physically distant, without any foreknowledge of the target. During her training she was given a blind target – the creation of the Higgs-Boson subatomic reaction, the so-called ‘God Particle’, as sought by scientists at the CERN laboratory in Switzerland. Then she began a remarkable journey into the connection between matter and mind, and the consciousness of the universe itself.

Hitomi And The God Particle
Hawaii Remote Viewers’ Guild
The Farsight Institute

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