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Dean Radin – Real Magic: The Secret Power of the Universe

Dean Radin discusses his book Real Magic – Ancient Wisdom, Modern Science, and a Guide to the Secret Power of the Universe.

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The principles that form the scientific materialist world-view assert that everything can be understood like the gears of a clock, and that events unfold forward in time in a strictly orderly fashion. They tell us that everything can be described with real properties that exist in ordinary space and time and that everything, including mind and consciousness, consists of matter and energy. It makes no sense to call anything ‘spiritual’, ‘non-physical’ or ‘immaterial’. We are told that everything is made up of a hierarchy of ever-smaller objects, with subatomic particles at the bottom.

However, according to the author, who has spent the last forty years conducting controlled experiments exploring psychic phenomena, the scientific materialist world-view is woefully incomplete and furthermore, scientific evidence for a reality beyond this world-view exists. The picture that is emerging is of a reality where the entire Universe is interconnected, and where there is only one consciousness, which is fundamental, and which underlies everything, including the everyday materialist world that so many of us take to be all there is.

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