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Dada Maheshvarananda – After Capitalism: Economic Democracy in Action

Dada Maheshvarananda discusses his book After Capitalism: Economic Democracy in Action.

A grassroots movement for economic democracy based on cooperatives and local economies is quickly growing throughout the planet. Inspired by P.R. Sarkar’s Progressive Utilization Theory (Prout), After Capitalism offers a compelling vision of an equitable, sustainable model which economically empowers individuals and communities. Filled with successful examples from six continents as well as many resources, activities and tools for activists, After Capitalism offers hope that a new, democratic economy is indeed possible.

Progressive Utilization Theory was developed in 1959 by the late Indian scholar-author and activist Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar. Mr. Sarkar sought a practical alternative to the theories of Marxism (communism) and Capitalism. Prout is based on universal values recognizing and protecting the rights of all to the fulfillment of their basic needs; the protection of the environment, plants and animals; and a dynamic, incentive-based multi-tiered economy with local and cooperative enterprises at its core. It encourages a balance in the effort of satisfying individual and collective needs.


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