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Courtney Brown & Princess Jeane̩ РDeath of a Dream: Remote Viewing MLK

Courtney Brown & Princess Jeaneé discuss remote viewing and the Farsight Institute‘s recent project Martin Luther King, Jr: The Dream, The Man, The Death.

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During the first half of the show we talk about remote viewing and psychic phenomena in general, the mind-matter interface, and emerging awareness of the interconnectedness and interdependence which shapes reality and which is set to scrap our sometimes outdated scientific paradigms. Such a shift has the power to revolutionise human affairs, human potential, and the very course of evolution on Earth. It is nothing less than the redirection of an entire civilization.

Later, we turn to the Martin Luther King RV project, and other high profile assassinations and conspiracies. Many people suspect that some of the momentous events of history which subsequently shaped society were not all that they at first appeared to be. The assassination of Martin Luther King is just one case which – like the killing of US president John F. Kennedy and the fateful events of 9/11 – represented an atavistic consciousness of manipulation and control which for millennia has sought the subjugation of humanity through fear. This consciousness and our own, however, are one and the same. Our quest, therefore, is to confront our own shadow and bring it into the light. Remote viewing offers one way to dispel this darkness.


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