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Colin E. Davis and Melissa Mari – V is for Virus: Part One

Colin E. Davis and Melissa Mari discuss the 2020 Coronavirus Crisis.

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In this two-part show, we examine some of the inconsistencies surrounding the official story about so-called COVID-19 and the heavy-handed government response to it. Was crashing the global economy and bankrupting millions of people really an appropriate response to a disease that has thus far killed the equivalent of the population of a large town? We also consider the acquiescent and apathetic public reaction to lockdowns, bans, and other draconian restrictions, and potential future implications for individual freedom. The real pandemic, as it turns out, is fear.

Whether this coronavirus outbreak occurred naturally, was deliberately engineered, or somewhere in between, the powers that be have a habit of never letting a crisis go to waste. Whatever the truth may be, seismic shifts in society are already underway, and in one or more important respects, the lives we once knew may be gone forever. Contemplate how swiftly your lives have become like ‘The Lives of Others’ – nervous curtain twitching, nightly pronouncements from The Party on the tele-broadcast unit, and constant chatter about what is and what is not available at the food distribution centre. Will this Orwellian vision really become the ‘new normal’? As ever, that’s up to us.

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