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Christopher Bache – LSD and the Mind of the Universe

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Christopher Bache discusses his book LSD and the Mind of the Universe.

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In 1979, Bache took the first step on what would become a life-changing journey. Drawing from his training as a philosopher of religion, he set out to explore his mind and the mind of the universe as deeply and systematically as possible, with the help of the psychedelic drug LSD. Over the course of 20 years the 73 high-dose LSD sessions drew him into a deepening communion with cosmic consciousness. Bache tells how he touched the living intelligence of our universe – an intelligence that both embraced and crushed him – and demonstrates how direct experience of the divine can change our perspective on life, the Universe, and everything.

Making a powerful case for the value of psychedelically-induced spiritual experience, the author shares his immersion in the fierce love and creative intent of the unified field of consciousness that underlies all physical existence. He describes the incalculable value of embracing the pain and suffering he encountered in his sessions and the challenges he faced integrating his experiences into his everyday life.

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