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Chris H. Hardy – DNA of the Gods

Chris Hardy discusses her book DNA of the Gods -The Anunnaki Creation of Eve and the Alien Battle for Humanity.

The evidence keeps accumulating from tens of thousands of Sumerian and Middle-Eastern clay tablets already unearthed that we are the descendants of the gods of Sumer, and the numerous striking similarities between the Bible scriptures and these ancient texts reveal that the deity in the Garden of Eden (Edin) was the Sumerian Prince Enlil, the Commander of Earth. It is now clear that the events in Edin (aka Sumer) were no less than a leap in the bio-engineering of the present day human race from the DNA of the aliens or Anunnaki ”’who came down to Earth’.

DNA of the Gods probes many of the key questions arising from the Sumerian/Anunnaki theory: Why did the visitors come to Earth in the first place? Was a massive planetary collision involving their home world Nibiru somehow involved in the formation of Earth? Was the passage of Nibiru close to Earth responsible for the deluge or Great Flood recorded in myths and legends worldwide? Were nuclear weapons used to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah? Does the Sumerian/Anunnaki theory help make sense of the deep-seated feeling that humans are somehow different from the rest of life on Earth with which we seem unable to live in harmony? And crucially – has the misunderstanding and distortion of the Sumerian tablets which appears in the Bible and other religious texts burdened humanity with false concepts of morality and sexuality which have in turn created a patriarchal world of greed and violence?

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