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Bernardo Kastrup – Why Materialism is Baloney

Bernardo Kastrup discusses his book Why Materialism Is Baloney: How true skeptics know there is no death and fathom answers to life, the universe, and everything.

What is consciousness? What is reality? Does mind arise from the universe or the universe from mind? The present framing of the cultural debate in terms of materialism versus religion has allowed materialism to go unchallenged as the only rationally-viable metaphysics. Why Materialism Is Baloney seeks to change this. It uncovers the absurd implications of materialism and then presents a hard-nosed non-materialist metaphysics substantiated by skepticism, empirical evidence, and clear logical reasoning. It lays out a coherent framework upon which one can interpret and make sense of every natural phenomenon and physical law, as well as the modalities of human consciousness, without materialist assumptions.

According to this framework, the brain is merely the image of a self-localization process of mind, similar to how a whirlpool is the image of a self-localization process of water. The brain doesn’t generate mind in the same way that a whirlpool doesn’t generate water. It is the brain that is in mind, not mind in the brain, and therefore physical death is merely a dispersion of awareness. The implications of this wider reality for our notions of human life, purpose and meaning are immense.


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