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Bernardo Kastrup – Religion, Reality and The Meaning of Life: Part One

Bernardo Kastrup discusses his book More Than Allegory – On Religious Myth, Truth, and Belief. This is a two part interview. Part two is here.

As a journey into the rabbit hole we call reality, its ultimate destination is a plausible, living validation of transcendence. It puts forward the controversial notion that many religious myths are actually true, argues that our own inner storytelling plays a surprising role in creating the seeming concreteness of things and the tangibility of history, and suggests, in the form of a myth, how deeply ingrained belief systems create the world we live in.

In a Universe seemingly devoid of meaning and purpose where matter is all that matters, our souls are at war with our intellects, and the consequences for life on Earth may yet prove disastrous. Maybe it is time for us to remember who we really are – both magician and audience, dreamer and dream, from a realm beyond language where time and space are illusions, and the very nature of truth itself may not be what it seems. We are the universe becoming aware of itself. We know what God cannot know.


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