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Anthony Peake – The Infinite Mindfield

Anthony Peake discusses his book The Infinite Mindfield: The Quest to Find the Gateway to Higher Consciousness.

The Infinite Mindfield uses as its starting point the widespread historical belief that the pineal gland – the ‘third eye’ – is a profoundly important organ. It links this to the various myths, originating in ancient Sumer, that ‘dragons’ or ‘serpents’ have guided humanity and presents evidence that these beings are symbolic of DNA. It is now known that DNA gives off a form of light known as bioluminescence. This information-rich ‘inner light’ needs an organ of sight to process it – that organ is the pineal gland. It is through this small organ that we ‘perceive’ the inner worlds of lucid dreaming, out-of-body experiences, hypnagogic imagery, near-death experiences, astral travel and the kundalini experience.

For thousands of years voyagers of inner space – spiritual seekers, shamans and mystics – have returned from their inner travels reporting another level of reality that is more real than the one we inhabit in ‘waking life’. Others have claimed that under the influence of mysterious substances, known as entheogens, the everyday human mind can be given glimpses of this multidimensional realm of existence that is usually hidden from us by our five basic senses. Using information from the leading edges of modern science, Anthony presents a startling new hypothesis that these ‘inner worlds’ are as real, or possibly even more real, than the ‘reality’ we experience in waking life. The Infinite Mindfield ends with a mind-blowing proposition: all living beings are one unitary consciousness experiencing itself subjectively.


Anthony on The Labyrinth of Time

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