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Anthony Peake – Opening the Doors of Perception

Anthony Peake discusses his book Opening the Doors of Perception – The Key to Cosmic Awareness.

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Considering the irreducible complexity of the human brain and the sense we often have of our bodies feeling more like part of the external world – a vehicle or conduit if you will – while our inner selves, our consciousness appears to reside ‘elsewhere’, we ask: Is mind within matter or matter within mind? What and where is consciousness? Is it merely an epiphenomenon of the brain, or is it the origin of all that is? We consider altered states of consciousness, including so-called mental illness, and ask what purpose, if any, they might ultimately serve. Under certain circumstances, such altered states seem to offer glimpses of a much wider reality beyond that normally perceived by our five senses.

Building on the ideas of Aldous Huxley and his Doors of Perception, we ponder notions such as past lives, reincarnation, the collective unconscious, and what happens to our world if indeed time, space, and matter are not fundamental. Do we then exist in an unimaginably vast computer simulation? Are we simply avatars in a cosmic computer game? And if so, then who – or what – is in control? Maybe you have a sense of something else – something long forgotten, only now half remembered… Are these clues left here for us to find in time? Or merely glitches in the matrix of our own minds?


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