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Andrew Collins – The Cygnus Mystery

Andrew Collins discusses his book The Cygnus Mystery – Unlocking the Ancient Secret of Life’s Origins in the Cosmos.

For 17,000 years the constellation of Cygnus, the celestial swan, otherwise known as the Northern Cross, has fascinated the world. It has defined the layout of ancient stone and earthen structures both in the new world and ancient world. Its cruciform star pattern is probably behind the root symbols of major religions, including Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and Orphism. Cygnus might even have defined the placement on the ground of the Pyramids of Giza. Why has this one constellation had such an impact on humanity?

The answers provided by Andrew are ground-breaking, suggesting that in addition to its importance as the marker of the north celestial pole 17,000 years ago, Cygnus’s placement on the Milky Way made it easy to imagine as the destination of souls in death, and the centre of our cosmological universe. Beyond this is the sheer possibility that inbound cosmic rays from the Cygnus constellation might well have been influencing human evolution for tens of thousands of years, a fact somehow dimly recognised by our distant ancestors.

Andrew is the author of several other books including Twenty-First Century Grail, Alien Energy, Gateway To Atlantis, Gods Of Eden and From The Ashes Of Angels, all of which can be found on his website www.andrewcollins.com

Watch The Cygnus Mystery documentary here.

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